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February 5, 2017 - Stone Kings

How To Figure Out The Square Footage

If you're getting ready to put in a granite kitchen, marble vanity or even a stone floor, you're going to want to know how to measure accurately to see how much stone you'll need.


Your contractor will measure but it's important for you to know. Why?

Stone is priced by the square foot. When you first start shopping stone, most likely you haven't hired anyone to measure. Know your square footage and you'll have an idea of what your stone will cost.

It's also nice to know when you're getting bids. Keeps everyone honest! ;-)

Here's how you get an accurate square footage:


1.  Measure the length of your countertops in inches.

2.  Write it down.

3.  Measure the width of your countertop in inches. (The average width is 25 1/4" - 26" but islands, arches, and bars will vary.)

4.  Write it down.

5.  Grab your calculator.

6.  Put your length measurement in and times it by your width.

7.  Divide by 144. This is your total square feet.


Hints & Tips


         You can measure in feet but measuring in inches is more accurate.

         If you have varying widths, break your countertops into sections and figure out individually.

         DON'T FORGET to include any backsplash. Measure this separately.


You'll Need


         Tape measure.




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